raw chicken breasts

Chefs’ tip #3

The best way to slice and dice chicken breasts

The way you cut chicken will affect how it cooks.

  • Chicken can be slippery to work with. Avoid accidentally slicing your fingers by popping it into the freezer for about 15 minutes – this will firm the meat up, making it easier (and safer) to cut.
  • To cut slices, hold the chicken breast in your non-dominant hand and curl your fingertips under your knuckles. Use long, even strokes to slice the chicken breast diagonally into 1cm strips. Halve each strip lengthwise into longer, thinner strips. Cutting the meat diagonally across the fibres helps keep it tender.
  • To dice, start by slicing the breast into wide strips. Slice each strip, one at a time, lengthwise into thinner strips and then cut crosswise into dice-shaped pieces. Aim to get each piece the same size for consistent cooking.

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