Chefs’ tips #20

Stretch a meal on a tight pocket.

Unexpected guests at the table or budget running low? Here are our top 5 ways to make a meal stretch to so much more.

1. Add grains or potatoes to meats and chickpeas to vegetable dishes to bulk them up.

2. An extra layer of mashed potatoes, a side of quinoa or throwing a little orzo into a one-tray recipe can make it feed more people.

3. Remember to clean out the pantry to ensure you use the almost empty packets of rice and flour before heading out to buy more.

4. Debone a roast chicken to the last morsel of meat, and turn the leftovers into a secondary feast like soup, fresh salad or chicken wraps.

5. Include a few meatless meals on the menu or recipes where the meat is not the hero.

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grilled chicken leg

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